National food waste day – focus on preventing and reducing food waste with Zip Top

Denmark’s national food waste day appears on the same day as the UN’s international food waste day. The countries arounds the world are encouraged to focus on the perventing and reducing food waste. Worldwide, the UN target is a 50 percent reduction by 2030.

The big focus on reducing food waste is about doing something about the amount food that is thrown away. Often, food is thrown out because it has become a bit boring to look at or because the freshness has disappeared. This can be changed with food storage containers from Zip Top. The containers from Zip Top are made of 100% platinum silicone and close tightly with the special zip function.

The durability and freshness of the food is increased and maintained by storage in tightly closed containers. In addition, Zip Top containers contain no BPA, plastic or fillers or other harmful chemicals. The containers are dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe. By using the Zip Top containers, you also help to outcompete the harmful plastic products within containers and plastic bags etc. The product is better for you and the planet!

Recognized and award-winning design around the globe

The thoughtful details put into the design have been recognized worldwide. ZipTop has already won an International Design Excellence Award, Gold German Design Award, European Product Design Award and been named “Good Housekeeping Editor’s” at the International Home + Housewares Show.