National baking day with Ninjas innovative combi-steam functions

It’s autumn holiday for most people soon, and if you have children at home, it’s usually a hit to take them along the kitchen. Thursday of the autumn holidays, on national baking day, it would be a perfect fit to find a few recipes and make them with Ninja.

Ninja’s new OL series, Ninja Foodi 14-in-1 smartlid multicooker OL750EU, is the new generation within multi-cookers that offers new exciting ways to prepare your food and not least bread and cakes. With the brand new combi-steam function, you can combine steam with hot air for juicier, faster and delicious results. The special combi-steam function includes, among other things “steam bread” and “steam bake“, which gives the opportunity to raise and bake everything in the same pan and thereby achieve golden crusts, airy delicious cakes and desserts.

Try the new functions during the autumn holidays and experience the many cooking options. The product opens up many fantastic cooking methods that are also up to 70%* faster, which shortens the cooking time and thereby uses less electricity compared to conventional ovens. You can actually save up to 75% on the electricity bill**.