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Competitiveness, credibility and flexibility are the key elements of our strategy. Fun Nordic ApS offers products and solutions that cover both the large retail chain, the smaller speciality store and for gift companies.


Fun Nordic is founded by Christian Leisner

In 2008, Fun Nordic was founded by Christian Leisner with a vision to establish itself as a trusted trading company within electronics, hardware products and kitchenware. From the beginning, the company focused on creating competitiveness, service-orientation and flexibility as key points in their strategy.


Developing customer and supplier relationships

In the early years, Funnordic was dedicated to building strong relationships with both customers and suppliers within kitchenware and electronics. This phase was crucial to ensuring access to quality products and understanding the needs of the kitchenware market.


FunNordic introduces the Hâws brand

In 2014, Funnordic took the decisive step and launched their own brand, Hâws. Starting with wake-up lights, they gradually expanded the range to include a wide selection of electronics and kitchen products. This marked the company’s deeper commitment to the kitchen sector.


Jan Hamann buys in to strengthen gift sales

In 2017, Jan Harmann bought into the company to strengthen sales in kitchenware. This partnership focused on expanding the Hâws range and positioning Funnordic as a key supplier of kitchenware. In particular, Jan Hamann has been at the forefront of creating gift customers as an essential part of the business.


Hâws brand registered in connection with kitchenware development

In 2019, Hâws was officially registered as a brand and Funnordic shifted focus towards a broader development of kitchenware. They expanded their range to meet the needs of their quality-conscious customers who value high-quality kitchen-related products at a reasonable price.


Larger office and showroom with a focus on kitchen products

In 2020, Funnordic moved to a larger office and showroom at Egelund in Aabenraa, presenting their growing range of kitchen products. This step was taken to meet the needs of both retail chains and speciality stores.


New facilities and increased focus on growth areas

The Covid-19 pandemic triggered a significant increase in kitchen equipment purchases. This motivated Funnordic to make strategic decisions, including expanding and moving to new facilities in Rugkobbel Aabenraa. The investment included not only new employees, but also a new showroom that was created to showcase the expanded range of kitchen products, including Hâws and other brands.


Investment and partnership with New Legacy for future opportunities

In 2023, FunNordic entered into a strategic partnership with New Legacy to strengthen their position in the market and continue their growth journey. This investment aimed to ensure FunNordic’s continued growth in both electronics and kitchenware.


With a sharp focus on market dynamics and innovation, we ensure that our customers always have access to state-of-the-art products at attractive prices. This strengthens our position in a competitive market.


Fun Nordic has a solid history of quality products and customised solutions. We value open dialogue and offer reliable service, which is confirmed by our long-standing industry knowledge.


Fun Nordic adapts seamlessly to the needs of both large and small customers, and through our diverse product range, ensures that each customer's unique requirements are met with customised solutions.