Complaints and service

See conditions for complaints and service below.


If you are a private customer, please contact the retailer where you purchased your product. Always remember to bring your receipt.


Resellers of our products are referred to Xpos for complaint handling.

Link to reklamationsportal (Xpos).

Remember to add FunNordic Aps to your XPOS Dashboard as a supplier. Before you can create your first case, you must be approved as a customer of Fun Nordic ApS.

When choosing your company’s/shop’s contact email, it’s important to choose one that multiple people in the company/shop can access, as only one user can be created per company/shop that multiple employees can use.


Guide to Creating a User in XPOS can be found here.

Guide to creating cases in XPOS can be found here.

General questions about products etc. can be sent to

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