Ninja Woodfire Electric BBQ Grill & Smoker OG701EU: - The Ultimate Outdoor Cooking Experience

Ninja Woodfire Electric BBQ Grill & Smoker OG701EU: - The Ultimate Outdoor Cooking Experience

Experience a new way of cooking outdoors with the Ninja Woodfire Electric BBQ Grill & Smoker OG701EU. Grill, smoke, air fry, and more with 100% authentic Woodfire flavors.

Powered by electricity, it's ready when you are. The struggle of lighting a grill is a thing of the past. Simply plug it in and start cooking outdoors without the mess or hassle, anytime during the week - all the flavor, without the trouble. Enjoy smoked food prepared in the same time it takes certain charcoal grills to preheat.

BBQ GRILL: Get the juicy and authentic grilled surface from a traditional grill, without the hassle. The grill reaches up to 260°C for authentic searing and grilling. The top and bottom heating elements work together with a convection fan for even cooking.

BBQ SMOKER: The integrated smoke box burns natural wood pellets to create authentic BBQ flavors. A convection fan circulates heat and smoke evenly around the food, ensuring rich, fully developed Woodfire flavors.

OUTDOOR AIR FRYER: Air Fry: Up to 75% less fat than deep frying*.

Take the kitchen outdoors with 7 customizable cooking functions, including Air Fry, Roast, Bake, Reheat, and Dehydrate. Let the sides take the spotlight, from air-fried French fries and potato wedges to baked potatoes and bread. Finish your grill feast with quick and easy desserts like caramelized pineapple, baked apples, and grilled peaches.

Additionally, you can infuse any cooking function with a hint of smoky Woodfire flavor.
WOODFIRE TECHNOLOGY: Powered by electricity, seasoned with the combustion of real wood pellets. The integrated smoke box allows you to infuse rich Woodfire flavors into any cooking function.

Ninja Woodfire Electric BBQ Grill & Smoker OG701EU RRP: 3699.00 DKK.

*Tested against deep-fried, hand-cut French fries.

Ninja Foodi Airfryer MAX Dual Zone AF451EU - the perfect combination of capacity and versatility

Ninja Foodi Airfryer MAX Dual Zone AF451EU - the perfect combination of capacity and versatility

The Ninja Foodi AF451EU is the latest addition to the award-winning air fryer family. Designed to impress with its large capacity and versatile cooking functions, it can only leave a lasting impression in the kitchen.

One of the most innovative features of this air fryer is the included digital thermometer. The digital thermometer allows you to cook meat and fish to perfection without guessing the temperature. Simply select the desired finish, and Ninja's Smart Cook System takes care of the rest. With precise monitoring of the food's temperature during cooking, you can always be sure of achieving a delicious and juicy result.

The AF451EU is equipped with 2 independent cooking zones, making it ideal for families and large households as it can cook food for up to 8+ people. That's up to 25% more food compared to other air fryers on the market.

You can cook two different foods with different temperatures, times, and settings in the separate drawers. Thanks to the SYNC function, both dishes can be ready to serve at the same time. The MATCH function also allows you to cook twice as much food at the same time using the same settings in both zones.

With 6 different cooking functions, you can truly explore your creativity in the kitchen. From air frying, where you can enjoy your favorite fried dishes with up to 75% less fat, to roasting, baking, dehydrating, and reheating, this air fryer allows you to prepare a wide variety of delicious meals. The easy-to-use digital control panel with countdown timers makes it easy to keep track of the cooking process.

Ninja Foodi Airfryer MAX Dual Zone AF451EU RRP: 2499.00 DKK.

Chemical-free cleaning disinfects 99.9% bacteria

Chemical-free cleaning disinfects 99.9% bacteria

Shark Steam & Scrub Automatic Steam Mop scrubs and disinfects at the same time for up to 2 times better stain removal - completely without the use of chemicals - perfect for homes with children, pets and allergy sufferers.

Shark Steam & Scrub Automatic Steam Mop cleans and disinfects 99.9%* of household bacteria with the power of steam. Enjoy the confidence of a chemical-free cleaning for all sealed hard floors, incl. tiles, marble, hard wood and stone, with water. The extra scrubbing power comes from the 2 specially designed power pads which rotate 150 times a minute – lifting and removing stubborn dirt, surface dust, grease, dirt and bacteria as you glide across the floors. It provides up to 2 times better stain removal**. 4 power pads are included which are machine washable and reusable - so you always have a fresh pair, ready for cleaning..

Intelligent Steam Control gives you the option of switching between 2 automatic steam settings. LIGHT is perfect for loosening and lifting light everyday dirt and gentle cleaning of delicate surfaces, while NORMAL is ideal for dealing with hard stains, tackling sticky stains or cleaning large areas.

Item no.: S6002EU / RRP: DKK 1599.00.