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Caroline Rasmussen

29. September 2022

National food waste day – focus on preventing and reducing food waste with Zip Top

Denmark’s national food waste day appears on the same day as the UN’s international food waste day. The countries arounds the world are encouraged to focus on the perventing and reducing food waste. Worldwide, the UN target is a 50 percent reduction by 2030.

The big focus on reducing food waste is about doing something about the amount food that is thrown away. Often, food is thrown out because it has become a bit boring to look at or because the freshness has disappeared. This can be changed with food storage containers from Zip Top. The containers from Zip Top are made of 100% platinum silicone and close tightly with the special zip function.

The durability and freshness of the food is increased and maintained by storage in tightly closed containers. In addition, Zip Top containers contain no BPA, plastic or fillers or other harmful chemicals. The containers are dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe. By using the Zip Top containers, you also help to outcompete the harmful plastic products within containers and plastic bags etc. The product is better for you and the planet!

Recognized and award-winning design around the globe

The thoughtful details put into the design have been recognized worldwide. ZipTop has already won an International Design Excellence Award, Gold German Design Award, European Product Design Award and been named “Good Housekeeping Editor’s” at the International Home + Housewares Show.

Caroline Rasmussen

27. September 2022

Save on electricity bills with kitchen products from Ninja – up to 75%

Ninja is a relentless innovator in products for the kitchen, but is now also proving to be better for your electricity bill.

The energy prices are constantly rising and it affects more or less everyone – luckily there are several things that can be done to avoid being completely knocked out. It is a good idea to use products that are more economical in the kitchen. It can be both the cooking time, the heating time, etc. that can help make the big difference and save you up to 75% on the electricity bill*.

Ninja has a wide range of products where you can save between 35-75% on your electricity bill*. This applies to everything from air fryers, mini ovens, indoor grills, multi cookers etc.

The oven has a large capacity and can save you up to 65% on the electricity bill, takes up 50% less space compared to similar products as it has a flip function. Up to 50% faster cooking compared to a hot air oven, up to 75% less fat than conventional deep frying.


Authentic grill taste with an indoor grill with 6 cooking functions can save you up to 50% on the electricity bill* and up to 75% less fat than with conventional deep-frying***.


Multifunction oven with super fast preheating in just 90 seconds, up to 40% faster than a hot air oven. Can save you up to 35% on the electricity bill* and up to 75% less fat than with conventional deep-frying*.

The next generation in multi cooker which can save you up to 75% on the electricity bill, and pressure cooking is up to 70% faster than traditional cooking methods.***

The largest capacity in the foodi series which can save you up to 75% on the electricity bill, and pressure cooking is up to 70% faster than traditional cooking methods.***

NINJA AIR FRYER AF100 + AF160 + AF300 + AF400
The Airfryer concept is popular as it cooks your food faster and with up to 75% less fat**. The Aifryer series from Ninja can save you between 50-75% on the electricity bill, depending on which model is used.

*Test og beregninger baseret på anbefalet tilberedningstid for pølser ved brug af Air Fry-funktionen sammenlignet med en 68 L ”A” og 71 L ”A+” klassificeret ovn.**Testet mod konventionelt stegte, håndskårne pommes frites.*** Testet op imod fiskefingre og pølser.**** Sammenlignet med langsom tilberedning, kogning eller braisering.

Caroline Rasmussen

5. September 2022

Find us at IFA in Berlin

This week, you can find us at IFA in Berlin with products from Shark Ninja, Clatronic and Gastroback. The exhibiting will find place from 2-6 september 2022.

Caroline Rasmussen

4. August 2022

Laguiole By Hâws new products

Laguiole By Hâws is a brand that offers knives made of 420 stainless steel and with the special shape.

Laguiole is the name of the special shape that the knives have and originates from a French village in the central massif.

Laguiole By Hâws offers several different types of steak knives and forks as well as kitchen knives. Several of the models are available in several different types of wood on the handles. All products come in a nice black wooden gift box which keeps the products safe and nice. Several of the products are FCS certified.

Several of the products will be on display at Fun Nordic’s stand at the large Formland fair 18-21 August 2022 in MCH. Fun Nordic will be found in hall G at stand G5613.

Caroline Rasmussen

20. July 2022

Ninja Juicer is ready for the summer’s fresh fruit

For some, the juice season is all year round and for others it is mainly in the summer sun when the fresh fruits make themselves known. The vitamins, the freshness and the energetic boost.

Looking for a quiet, efficient juicer that can handle all your favorite fruits and vegetables? Ninja juicer JC100EU is ready and makes fantastic, clean, freshly squeezed homemade juice for you completely without additives.

Make everything from classic orange and apple juice to exotic pineapple and mango juices. Enjoy healthy juices with, for example, beetroot, carrot, ginger, grapes or green leaves. Within a short time you can create nutritious drinks or boosting juice shots. 

Cold press technology extracts up to 75% of the fruit*. The efficient process creates cleaner juices with clear colors and less foam. The Ninja Juicer is 3 times quieter than many leading centrifugal juicers**.

For some, the juice season is all year round and for others it is mainly in the summer sun when the fresh fruits make themselves known. The vitamins, the freshness and the energetic boost.


Ninja juicer is designed slim so it is easy to store in the kitchen. Parts are easy to assemble without difficulty and they can be easily rinsed clean in less than 1 minute. All removable parts are dishwasher safe and BPA-free.

A recipe book is included in the box to easily get started on the juice adventure. Recipes are also included for using the rest of the pulp so nothing goes to waste!

Ninja Juicer JC100EU RRP: DKK 1299

*Tested on oranges, grapes and melon. Yield depends on variety, season and ripeness.
**Tested according to IEC 60704-2-11 when used for carrots and oranges.

Caroline Rasmussen

13. July 2022

Hâws cools you down in the summer heat

The hot summer days are slowly approaching – this means cold drinks and delicious cold ice cream are in high demand, both with children and adults.

Hâw’s ice cream machine ISM180 gives you the opportunity to create homemade cold treats for the hot summer days. You can also make ice cream, sorbets, frozen yoghurt etc. Fill it with your favorite flavours, experiment to find your very own signature flavour.

Hâw’s ice cream maker has a capacity of 2L and with the removable bowl and the transparent lid, it is easy to follow the process. It’s easy to get started with the accompanying recipe book.

Hâws ice cream machine ISM180 RRP: DKK 3999.


In addition to cold ice for warmth, ice cubes can make soda, drinks, water, juice, etc. just the 10% better by keeping them cold.
Hâws ice cube machine ICM122020 is perfect to have standing for various parties or gatherings where you want to have ice cubes standing ready throughout the time. Not having to store them there can free up a lot of space in the freezer.

Hâw’s ice cube machine just needs to be filled with water and then it can produce up to 12 kg of ice cubes in 24 hours. The product can contain 1.8 liters of water or has a removable ice basket and in addition the ice cube size can be adjusted.

Hâws ice cube machine ICM122020 RRP: DKK 1999.

Caroline Rasmussen

6. July 2022

Ninja ice cream machine creates delicious ice cream for the summer

Summer is upon us and what seems more summery than deliciously cool ice cream? Ninja is a relentless innovator in the kitchen category and with their new ice cream machine it has never been easier to reward yourself with an ice cream on hot summer days.

Ninja CREAMi NC300EU ensures that you can create and tailor homemade delights – everything from ice cream and luxurious milkshakes to soft sorbets and low-calorie and sugar-free “nice cream” for smoothie bowls. The possibilities are limitless – stuff, freeze, process and enjoy.  

You can make your portions just as you wish. Simply fill the included buckets and place in the freezer for 24 hours. Then it is ready for a trip in the Ninja CREAMi and serving or storing in the freezer.


The ice cream maker can produce everything from low sugar, dairy-free, keto, vegan – the choice is yours! A recipe guide is also included in the box packed with delicious recipes for every taste, so it’s easy to get started. The Creamify technology ensures a perfect consistency and with 7 different programs it’s easy to go to. Each program is set with a unique rotation technology and length of time to create the perfect texture.

Ninja CREAMi is easy to use and clean. The touch screen is simple and with a practical status bar on the program. The narrow design makes it easy to store. The buckets, lids and knife blade are dishwasher safe

Ninja Ice Machine NC300EU RRP: DKK 1999

Caroline Rasmussen

1. July 2022

Steak Champ wins the innovation award

Steak Champ has been named “German Innovation Awards 2022 – Winner”

Steak Champ has been awarded in the category “Innovative Steak Tools” and this applies to the following products:

99-5026 SteakChamp 5026 Bull Fork

99-5025 SteakChamp 5025 Oil Spray Bottle

99-5024 SteakChamp 5024 Gravity Electric Pepper Mill

99-5020 SteakChamp 5020 Board w/ Stainless Steel Saucers

99-5010 SteakChamp 5010 Cast Iron Grill Frying Pan 26 cm

99-5004 SteakChamp 5004 Chef’s Knife BBQ Pro 22 cm

99-5003 SteakChamp 5003 Chef’s Knife Kitchen Pro 19 cm

Caroline Rasmussen

15. June 2022

Gastroback toaster news

Gastroback comes with 2 new toasters with up to 7 different programs.

Gastroback Design Toaster Digital S2 can hold 2 slices of bread, has 7 preset programs as well as adjustable browning levels to toast your bread. The product has programs for e.g. wholemeal bread, bagels, waffles and gluten-free bread. All of which can be stored in the memory function. The product is equipped with a user-friendly LCD display and the countdown clock shows the remaining time.

In addition, it is possible to reheat and defrost your bread. After the program ends, there is an automatic switch-off for energy-saving mode and cord winding.

Gastroback Design Toaster Digital 4S has exactly the same functions as Design Toaster Digital 2S, but this model can take 4 slices of bread instead.

Caroline Rasmussen

27. May 2022

Gastroback dehydrator news

Gastroback comes with 2 new dehydrators which are perfect for healthy snacks.

The Gastroback Design Dehydrator Pro 46602 is perfect for healthy snacks, candy, vegetable chips, dried fruit, muesli bars, beef jerky and more. The product processes healthy foods without additives and preserves them economically.

The product contains 6 drying trays, 1 special drying tray, 1 mesh tray and 1 muesli bar mould.

Gastroback Design Dehydrator Max has the same properties as Gastroback Design Dehydrator Pro in terms of being able to process healthy foods without additives and preserve them economically.

However, the product contains 10 drying trays, 1 special drying tray, 1 mesh tray, 1 muesli bar form and 1 vegetable peeler in stainless steel.

Caroline Rasmussen

4. May 2022

New lager premises & showroom

We, at Fun Nordic ApS, have had growing pains in the sense that our range of products has grown as well as the number of employees in the office. We are therefore moving to larger premises with more space in the office, but to that extent also an upgrade in the showroom.

The new larger premises give us the opportunity to present a much larger selection of our products, which we would recommend you come by and see. In addition, a completely outdoor corner will be set up that illustrates the products far better than before.

You should all be welcome to swing by and see our new location at Rugkobbel 260, 6200 Aabenraa.

Caroline Rasmussen

13. April 2022

New RMA system at Fun Nordic ApS

Fun Nordic has per today got a new RMA system. It’s called Xpos ( In the future, you must create your complaints with us here.

If your company/store has not been set up yet, it must be done before you can use Xpos, which is free for you as users to use. Attached you will find guides on how to set up your company in Xpos and add Fun Nordic as a supplier, as well as how to make a case.

When you choose your company/shop’s contact e-mail, it is important to choose one that several people in the company/shop have access to, as only one user can be created per business/store that several employees can use.

Caroline Rasmussen

1. February 2022

Ninja foodprocessor anbefales af TÆNK

The consumer council TÆNK has done a test of food processors in which the Ninja AUTO-IQ BN650EU is included, and it performs really well.

In January 2022, the consumer council TÆNK did a test of various food processors, which included the Ninja AUTO-IQ BN650EU, together with brands such as Magimix, Kenwood, Braun, OBH Nordica, Phillips, Sage and Tristar. The test focuses on the product’s ability to solve various tasks and how they are used in everyday life.

The test of the food processors includes, among other things, tests of ease of use, build quality, noise, lifetime and energy consumption.

Based on the test, it is mentioned… “Ninja is not such a well-known brand in Denmark (yet), but the food processor from Ninja performs well in the test and is the food processor under DKK 1,000 that performs best.

Caroline Rasmussen

2. October 2021

Next generation Ninja food processor 3in1

Ninja’s new 3in1 food processor makes it easy for you to make everything from dips to drinks, dough, desserts and grated vegetables. It is a combination of a food processor, multi-blender and personal blender with replaceable blades and accessories.

Chop, grate, puree and mix easily for snacks and small meals in the large 1.8 liter food processor bowl
Make enough to share in the 2.1L mixing jug with multiple servings – from crushed ice cocktails and frozen desserts to pasta sauce, dips and dressings.
Blend directly into the 700 ml container with drinking spout to enjoy a drink on the go – from cool smoothies to delicious creamy milkshakes.

Simple one-touch controls make it easy to choose either automatic programs or manual settings – all designed to deliver the perfect result, exactly the way you want it. Add the attachment of your choice and the available programs will light up on the control panel.

No more guesswork with Auto-iQ technology. Exclusive to Ninja, these intelligent programs are tailored to deliver desired results at the touch of a button. Five unique pulse, pause, blend and process patterns do all the hard work for you. You can also take control with manual settings.

Ninja Blade Technology

Ninja’s precision engineering knives are built to last, made from durable high quality stainless steel and tested with 1000 ice crushing cycles.

A powerful 1200W motor powers Ninja’s purposefully designed interchangeable accessories to create delicious results every time.
In the food processor bowl, you can easily make salsas, burgers, purees and more with the cutting blade. Mix bread and pizza dough, pancake batter and cake mix with the Dough Tool. Enjoy homemade coleslaw, salads and grated cheese with the disc / grater.

The patented Pro Extractor Blade easily creates super-smooth results in the serving container and blends even the toughest ingredients including fruits and vegetables, nuts, seeds and even ice cream. The stacked blade design quickly and easily mixes larger batches in the multi-serve jug for evenly blended results in seconds. Cleaning is easy thanks to dishwasher-safe parts.

Get started right away with an inspiring recipe guide included in the box, filled with kick-start recipes to inspire your imagination.

Caroline Rasmussen

21. July 2021

Instant Pot PRO Crisp will be introduced soon

In August, the new upgraded Instant Pot PRO Crisp + Air Fryer will be introduced. A professional further development of the already popular Instant Pot Crisp model.

Cook like a pro with the new Instant Pot Pro Crisp + Air Fryer. It is a “one-pot” wonder machine that can do it all with 2 lids. Compared to the popular Crisp model, there have been upgrades at the pro level for both the pot and the lids. In addition, advanced heat protection has been added. Quickly and conveniently, you can enjoy cooking with your new machine and make a large selection of dishes like a professional.

The product is a fantastic multi-machine and works as an 11in1 as it can slow cook, steam, fry, heat, sous vide, air fry, burn, mini oven, cook and dehydrate. It comes with 2 practical lids which allow you to turn your product into an air fryer and thereby make your ingredients crispy. All programs can be customized according to the time, etc.

Instant Pot Pro Crisp is up to 70% faster and more energy efficient than other cooking methods. In addition, EvenCrisp technology helps reduce up to 95% less oil use when using the air fryer program. In addition, more parts can go in the dishwasher, which makes the cleaning time shorter. The product has a large capacity which makes it suitable for families or other cases of cooking in large portions.