Combekk creates exclusive cookware ranges from recycled materials, combining high quality with a strong focus on sustainability.

Combekk has its roots in the Netherlands. They have created an exclusive cookware range made from recycled materials, combining high quality with a strong focus on sustainability. One of their signature products is the “Dutch Oven”, a cast iron pan, which refers to the Dutch invention of a manufacturing technique where molten iron is poured into a sand mould. Combekk is proud to be the only brand to manufacture their top range of Dutch Ovens in the Netherlands, keeping the tradition alive.

Combekk’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their use of recyclable materials. Recognising that iron never loses its quality, they use between 70-100% recycled materials in their production process. This approach allows Combekk to deliver the highest quality products without mining new iron ore. Each Dutch Oven even carries a stamp on the bottom indicating the origin of the main ingredients in the moulding.

In addition to the Dutch Oven, Combekk has also produced the world’s first cookware set made from recycled aluminium. In a time when there is a global focus on recyclability and sustainable consumption habits, such as organic eating and reduced meat consumption, Combekk sees it as equally important that food is prepared in cookware that is made from recycled materials and cares for the planet.

Combekk’s mission and vision is to make the cookware industry more sustainable. By utilising 100% recycled materials in their cookware, they create homeware that is not only sustainable, but also maintains a sharp focus on design and functionality. This approach ensures that Combekk delivers products that are eco-friendly, practical and aesthetically pleasing, reflecting a deep commitment to both quality and environmental awareness.

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