Silent air fryer – it’s close with the Instant Vortex Slim Airfryer

The Vortex Slim Airfryer is 20% smaller compared to others in the same litre size, yet with the same 5.7 litre capacity and 1700W. The compact and stylish design is more than just a practical solution. This advanced airfryer allows you to save both energy and time. Compared to traditional ovens, you can reduce your electricity bill by over 80%. This means you can enjoy
delicious meals while being environmentally friendly and saving money.

With the Vortex Slim Airfryer you can cook your favourite dishes in a healthier way. Thanks to the innovative EvenCrisp™ technology, you can achieve crispness and texture with up to 95% less oil than traditional deep frying. So now you can enjoy juicy hot wings, crispy fries and other delicious dishes without compromising your health.

For further information about the range or questions, please contact Fun Nordic ApS – Not only that, the Vortex Slim Airfryer is also incredibly easy to use. With its user-friendly touchscreen interface and handy indicators
indicators, you can cook food to perfection effortlessly. And when you’re done, the non-stick coated basket makes cleaning quick
and simple.

Upgrade your kitchen with the Vortex Slim Airfryer and experience the ideal combination of convenience, health and delicious flavours.
Save energy, time and money and let this innovative airfryer transform your favourite dishes into healthy and delicious versions.
Get your Vortex Slim Airfryer today and make cooking a pleasure!

Instant Vortex Slim 5.7 L / 81-140-1150-01-EU / RRP price: 1199,00 DKK.