Ninja airfryer AF300EU has been part of a larger test at where they tested all premium
models, and the Ninja airfryer is praised.

In December 2022, Norway’s largest consumer technology website conducted a test of premium airfryer models (over 2000 NOK) to see if it pays to go up in price. They certainly thought it could, because by going up in price you suddenly find features that really make cooking and airfryer use much more versatile.
Based on the test, writes the following about the Ninja Foodi Airfryer Dual Zone AF300EU.

…” this model is very low priced compared to what you get. A bargain in other words”
… “Everything can be done at the same time with a little planning. Well worth the money if you ask us.”
…” In any case, this Ninja airfryer is perfect for those who love to cook and are interested in
cooking a lot of different foods – at the same time.”

We are pleased to announce that the Ninja Foodi Airfryer Dual Zone AF300EU has been named both “Good Buy” by and the best airfryer in the big test from Råd & Rön.
See the test from here

Ninja Foodi Airfryer Dual Zone AF300EU RRP price: 1899,00 DKK.