Creating oppertunities with Gastroback

Gastroback takes cooking to a higher level with the compact and high-performance Design Oven Air Fryer & Pizza, which fits almost anywhere and can also reduce the electricity bill.

The Gastroback Design Oven Air Fryer & Pizza is a compact all-rounder for the kitchen. The product includes a pizza stone Ø30cm, which gives you the option to transform the oven into a small pizza stone oven. The multitalent is a 5-in-1 and has 8 different functions including defrosting, Air fryer, Air fry grill with 2 rotation programs, top heat, bottom heat, top and bottom heat, grill and dehydration. The product is high-performing and can therefore cook in record time – which also helps to make it more economical. Several of the product’s functions makes use of the Air Fryer, which shortens the cooking time and, in addition, the heating time of the product itself is also fast.

The product comes with a comprehensive accessory package that includes both a rotisseri, airfryer basket, pizza stone, grill grate and baking tray. It almost fits into any kitchen, camping and mobile home kitchen as it only measures 39.5 cm in width X 37.4 cm in depth X 35.7 cm in height. Which gives it a capacity of 22 liters and 3 levels.

Besides all the functions and programs, you can also adjust the time or temperature of the product yourself. The time can be adjusted up to 120 minutes and the degrees in intervals of 5 degrees from 55-220 degrees. The heating elements are in stainless steel and distributed with 4 at the top and 2 at the bottom. Everything is illuminated with a sensor touch display that shows programs, functions, preparation time and number of degrees. If you have children in the kitchen, it has an electronic child lock.

Art no: 42815 RRP: 2799,00 kr