Cleaning made extra easy

The Shark Anti Hair Wrap 2-in-1 cordless vacuum cleaner with the innovative WandVac system quickly cleans crumbs, dust, dirt and pet hair in floor mode. In addition, it can be transformed into a versatile, compact handheld vacuum to quickly clean countertops, soft furnishings and the car. Cleaning becomes extra easy to get around as the device is extra light and weighs only 900 grams.

In floor mode, the ultra-light cordless vacuum cleaner is perfect for quick cleaning and unravelling messes. The Anti-Hair-Wrap function ensures the collected hair does not get caught in the roller. Simply detach the floor head to easily reach ceilings, light fittings and extend the reach to narrow spaces behind furniture.

Includes 2 handy nozzles so you can easily clean different surfaces

Clean. The product always charges when placed on the base and has up to 16 minutes of runtime*.

With the high-performance motor, simply switch between 2 power modes. The lightweight, slim silhouette means the product takes up little space and can be kept close at hand.