Steak Champ

Steak Champ’s mission is to provide fairly priced steak tools so everyone can prepare, cook and serve the perfect steak

The Steak Champ story began in 2011 with a visionary idea to create the “perfect steak”. This idea led to the invention of the first wireless electronic meat thermometer, an innovation that revolutionised the grilling and meat preparation process. Today, in the scenic area between Munich and the edge of the Alps, we continue to develop and refine unique, high-quality products that are essential for any steak enthusiast.

Our team is made up of idea generators, challengers and co-developers, all of whom bring a professional depth and breadth of experience to the table. These experts work closely with kitchens in leading steakhouses, are themselves grill masters or recognised meat experts. Their combined expertise and insight is crucial to the development of our products, ensuring that each innovation is not only practical, but also enhances the cooking experience.

Design plays a central role in our product development. Created with a passion for innovation and high product benefits, all our products are carefully designed by international designers. This ensures that each product not only works flawlessly, but also looks elegant and stylish in any kitchen or grilling area.

We also have a strong commitment to sustainability. For example, since the end of 2019 we have been using Ocean Bound Plastic in the handles of our knives, an innovation we are particularly proud of. This initiative reflects our dedication to protecting the environment and is a step towards reducing plastic waste in the world’s oceans. This innovative approach was recognised in 2022 when we were awarded the prestigious German Innovation Award.