Skeppshult is known for its cast iron cookware production – and has been for more than 100 years.

Skeppshult’s story is a tale of tradition, innovation and sustainability that begins back in 1906. That was the year Carl E. Anderson returned from the USA, enriched with new inspiration and knowledge about industrial production. He chose to settle in the idyllic town of Skeppshult, located in the south of Sweden, where he founded his own company. From these humble beginnings, Skeppshult has evolved, but has always maintained its core values: tradition, craftsmanship, quality and sustainability. Today, Skeppshult stands as the only place in Scandinavia where traditional cast iron production for cookware continues to thrive.

The quality of Skeppshult’s products is unrivalled. Everything is manufactured at their factory in Småland, Sweden, where every single item undergoes a rigorous quality check at least 10 times before leaving the factory. This meticulous process ensures that each product not only meets but exceeds consumer expectations. Skeppshult understands that quality is the key to durability – their products withstand both wear and tear from metal utensils and high temperatures.

Environmental considerations also play a central role in Skeppshult’s corporate philosophy. Each product is unique, hand-customised at the factory and made from controlled, chemical-free raw materials. This reflects Skeppshult’s dedication to creating natural and environmentally friendly products. Their cast iron cookware is baked with organic rapeseed oil, which provides a natural non-stick function and makes the products ‘ready to use’. This approach reduces the need for additional maintenance and extends the lifespan of each product. The longevity of the products is further proof of Skeppshult’s commitment to sustainability and is also the reason why they can offer such a generous 25-year warranty on the cast iron.

Skeppshult’s story is not just a tale of a company; it’s the story of an enduring dedication to craftsmanship, quality and sustainability that has created a legacy that continues to inspire in the modern world.

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