Profi Cook og Profi Care

Successfully capturing the essence of professional kitchen equipment and making it accessible to the everyday user

ProfiCook, a brand of Clatronic International GmbH, was first introduced to the public at IFA 2011 in Berlin. Since this remarkable debut, ProfiCook has firmly established itself as a prominent supplier of high-quality kitchen appliances for the ambitious amateur chef looking for professional performance in their own kitchen.

This popularity and recognition is not only due to the quality of their products, but also their innovative approach to design and functionality. ProfiCook has successfully managed to capture the essence of professional kitchen equipment and make it accessible to the everyday user. As a result, their products are now sold by many well-known stores, electronics retailers and specialised markets, not only in Denmark and Germany, but also in several other countries.

ProfiCare, an extension of the success achieved by the ProfiCook brand, was presented for the first time at the prestigious IFA 2017 in Berlin. With its launch, ProfiCare quickly developed into a recognised personal care brand, offering innovative products designed to meet the needs and desires of modern man.

ProfiCare’s range includes a wide variety of personal care products, from hair dryers and curling irons to shavers and electric toothbrushes. Each product is carefully developed with a combination of functionality, style and the latest technology. This makes ProfiCare an ideal choice for consumers looking for high-quality products for their personal care routines.