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Caroline Rasmussen

13. July 2022

Hâws cools you down in the summer heat

The hot summer days are slowly approaching – this means cold drinks and delicious cold ice cream are in high demand, both with children and adults.

Hâw’s ice cream machine ISM180 gives you the opportunity to create homemade cold treats for the hot summer days. You can also make ice cream, sorbets, frozen yoghurt etc. Fill it with your favorite flavours, experiment to find your very own signature flavour.

Hâw’s ice cream maker has a capacity of 2L and with the removable bowl and the transparent lid, it is easy to follow the process. It’s easy to get started with the accompanying recipe book.

Hâws ice cream machine ISM180 RRP: DKK 3999.


In addition to cold ice for warmth, ice cubes can make soda, drinks, water, juice, etc. just the 10% better by keeping them cold.
Hâws ice cube machine ICM122020 is perfect to have standing for various parties or gatherings where you want to have ice cubes standing ready throughout the time. Not having to store them there can free up a lot of space in the freezer.

Hâw’s ice cube machine just needs to be filled with water and then it can produce up to 12 kg of ice cubes in 24 hours. The product can contain 1.8 liters of water or has a removable ice basket and in addition the ice cube size can be adjusted.

Hâws ice cube machine ICM122020 RRP: DKK 1999.

Caroline Rasmussen

26. April 2021

Test winning Hâws vacuum packs with unique closing mechanism

Hâws vacuum packs with double sealing and the unique closing mechanism won the Jægerforbundet’s vacuum pack test.

The Hâws vacuum packer has the unique closing mechanism which allows it to be closed with one hand. In addition, the product can double seal bags up to 30 cm. Width and any length.

Vacuum packing food can help minimize food waste, extend shelf life up to 5 times and give you the opportunity to better marinate your meat or use it for sous vide cooking. A knife for cutting bags with + 2 X 5 vacuum bags (22 x 30 cm + 28 x 40 cm) and a hose for vacuum containers is included. In general, it is a healthier preparation method as no fat is used for the preparation and the possibility of extending the shelf life.

The product has various functions for both vacuum packing and sealing. The product can vacuum pump up to 12L/min and create a maximum negative pressure of – 0.8 bar.

The list inside the product to collect any fluid is removable for easy cleaning.

Caroline Rasmussen

20. August 2020

Multifunctional Panini from Hâws

Hâws Panini Grill enables you to grill, roast and heat food incredibly quickly and easily. The panini grills are available in 2 different sizes and both have the option of opening up a full 180 degrees. That way, you can easily extend your grilling season to last the whole year. Here you get a product that can be used both as a normal toaster or for meat and vegetables. A product with multiple functions makes it easier for you in the kitchen.

The product has arrived in 2 different sizes and measures 29 x 24 cm and 25.6 x 17.8 cm respectively on the grill surfaces. The temperature can be adjusted, there is an indicator light, a transportable waste tray and it is easy to clean.