It all began in 1906 when Carl E. Anderson returned from the United States full of inspiration and knowledge about industrial production. Carl E. Anderson settled in the town of Skeppshult, which is located in the southern part of Sweden and established his own production. Many things have since changed since the beginning but traditions, knowledge, craftsmanship and values ​​are still there. Skeppshult is today the only place in Scandinavia where there is still production of kitchen utensils in cast iron.


All skeppshult’s products are produced from controlled raw materials at the factory in Småland / Sweden. On average, each product goes through a quality check 10 times before leaving the production area. Because of this, Skeppshult’s products last for very many years, even if it is exposed to metal tools and high heat. Skeppshult provides a 25-year guarantee on the cast iron itself, on all their products.


All Skeppshult’s products are originals, there are no two products that are the same, all products are hand-adjusted at the factory. Produced from controlled raw materials without chemicals. The natural and environmentally friendly products require very little maintenance. The cast iron products have been fired with BIO rapeseed oil, which provides a “ready to use” non-stick function. The Skeppshult products have an incredibly long service life, which is also the reason why Skeppshult gives a 25-year guarantee on the cast iron itself.

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