Shark Ninja

Shark | Ninja is a relentless innovator in the household industry with household appliances and everything in the kitchen category that will make your life easier every day.

Shark | Ninja has an unshakable consumer focus and this is exactly what has made it possible for Shark to become one of the biggest brands in vacuum cleaners, and for Ninja to become one of the market leaders in the kitchen category.

In connection with the company’s vision to expand their global footprint, we, Fun Nordic Aps, have entered into an agreement with the successful brand to bring their household and kitchen products to Scandinavia.
At present, Shark | Ninja already has impressive market share in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, China and Australia.

The Shark brand is a pioneer in innovative cleaning devices for busy people.

Their range of battery-powered vacuum cleaners with self-cleaning brushes and wireless steam bullets with different technologies, depending on the floor to be cleaned, are world-renowned.

The Ninja brand leads the kitchen category with several fantastic multi kitchen machines with several functions in one product. Shark | Ninja loves the details and is obsessed with consumer satisfaction.

Through its uninterrupted, focused focus on solving consumer challenges, Shark | Ninja has built a high-quality, reliable and functional product range. An assortment that continues to provide them with 5-star reviews of their products across borders.

See the catalogue for 2023 here