Koala ice ball trays – make amazing drinks with different ice cubes

Enjoy drinks extra much with these large ice balls in the glass with whiskey, bourbon, gin or whatever your heart desires. Make use of these extra large balls to avoid heat stroke when the sun is at its highest. Take a nap in the garden, enjoy a round of barbecue, and pour an XXL ice ball into the glass to keep drinks cool for longer. You can also choose the big square or maybe even the tiny little round ice balls to create extra nice decorative drinks.

The advantage of the size of the balls of 7 cm is that they do not dry so easily and thus avoid diluting drinks. You can therefore enjoy chilled whiskey or Gin / Tonic for a longer time in the summer heat while maintaining the delicious taste.

Add other ingredients and make it exciting for guests to be served a giant ice ball. Decorate by adding mint leaves or orange peel to the container, for example, before the ball freezes to ice. Another advises to color the ice balls by adding blue curacao, juice or fruit color so that it gives a festive atmosphere.

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